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If you're looking to upgrade your cooking space and say goodbye to lingering odours and grease, ductless chimneys might just be the answer you've been searching for.
Learn About the Conditions in which Home Healthcare is Required, it’s Benefits, the Equipment Required, and Why Air Purifier is a Must for Patients...
An assignment in a diamond-processing unit in Surat was carried out a couple of months back. The factory, like its peers, was bogged down by high levels of Ultrafine Carbon Particles, bad enough to cause long-term respiratory or cardiovascular problems to both its employees. Check out how Atlanta Healthcare resolved this issue permanently.
One of the Haldiram’s outlets wanted to arrest the deteriorating indoor air quality (IAQ) and its harmful impact on its customers and staff alike. They got in touch with Atlanta Healthcare, who provided just the perfect solution. Check out to know more.
Being exposed to second-hand smoke can cause numerous health problems, and the Hospitality industry has to factor in the preferences and choices of every customer segment, including those who like to smoke. Read more to know how Atlanta Healthcare resolved this problem for the Taj group of hotels.

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