Ushering a new wave of business at HALDIRAM’S

One of the Haldiram’s outlets wanted to arrest the deteriorating indoor air quality (IAQ) and its harmful impact on its customers and staff alike. They got in touch with Atlanta Healthcare, who provided just the perfect solution. Check out to know more.
Ushering a new wave of business at HALDIRAM’S - Atlanta Healthcare

Eating outside, for most of us means a good time with family, friends or colleagues. 

Interestingly, research suggests that on an average, an Indian eats out 7 times a month. According to the survey conducted by NRAI, on an average Delhiites dine out 6 times a month in which more than 50% of their outings include North Indian food.

Now, with eating habits as elegant as ours, we need to also be aware of the consequences that come with it. 

No, we are not talking about cholesterol. 

Did you know that every restaurant has a significant amount of Indoor air pollutants?

Well, smoke from the chimney, barbecue, grills and char-broilers are considered air pollutants and exposure over time can lead to drastic health illnesses.

These pollutants can be dangerous because they can cause several breathing and lung problems like asthma, sneezing, lethargy, chest congestion, respiratory diseases, throat irritation, etc.

While we individually are responsible for our health, restaurant owners have taken up a keen interest in providing a pure air environment to their customers. These initiatives have been taken with a focus on enriching customer experience. 

Haldiram’s, a main player in the snack nourishment industry, also one of the many businesses that have taken the pure air initiative, took a big leap in ensuring pure air for their customers.

With the risk of COVID-19 and the limited restrictions put out by the government arose, a new problem had Haldiram’s customers and staff footfalls deteriorating.

What was the problem? Indoor Air Pollution.
Here's how Atlanta Healthcare helped deal with it. 

One of the Haldiram’s outlets located at a bustling marketplace at Lajpat Nagar in south Delhi wanted to arrest the deteriorating indoor air quality (IAQ) and its harmful impact on its customers and staff alike. The problem to combat had issues like poor air quality, kitchen smoke, food, and bathroom smell that impacted the brand image, caused a high rate of sick leaves and brought in a vast amount of customer complaints. 

Haldiram’s senior management got in touch with Atlanta Healthcare who provided just the perfect solution. 

Here, we came up with Tailor-made solutions- 

  • The restaurant layout did not need to change as we provided Multi-Filter Standalone Cassette Solutions.
  •  provided a quick turn-around time where we ‘Kit-Out’ their entire restaurant with a “Pure-Air” solution within 3 days.
  •  It was cost-effective with 70% more affordable rates than installing HVAC or modifying Centralized Air-Conditioners.

Here are some images:



It resulted in:

  • Higher footfalls with fewer customer complaints, positive Online Reviews.
  • Higher Productivity where the staff stopped complaining about headache, fatigue, asthma
  • The Indoor Air-quality improved up to 99.97% and led to a strong bounce-back-ability
  • Smooth resumption of post-covid business due to high customer confidence

As per the post-covid rules of re-engagement, marketers around the world improving brand perception by providing “Pure Air” zones comprise a huge part of the new health and safety measures, which is why leading hotels and restaurants like Hyatt, Marriott, Maurya Sheraton and Mainland China have reached out to us for clean-air solutions.

Here’s our full list of clients.


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