Hazardous indoor air pollution in diamond processing units.

An assignment in a diamond-processing unit in Surat was carried out a couple of months back. The factory, like its peers, was bogged down by high levels of Ultrafine Carbon Particles, bad enough to cause long-term respiratory or cardiovascular problems to both its employees. Check out how Atlanta Healthcare resolved this issue permanently.
Hazardous indoor air pollution in diamond processing units. - Atlanta Healthcare

Recent conversations on indoor pollution in the hospitality industry, had triggered a flurry of responses from our audience, that made us sit back and think about the gross misconception going around that it is mainly the hospitality industry hobbled by indoor pollution. 

In fact, that’s very far from the truth.


During a recent visit to Surat, we noticed that the diamond processing unit was bogged down by high levels of Ultrafine Carbon Particles, bad enough to cause long-term respiratory or cardiovascular problems to its employees. 

Although the diamond-processing industry has undergone a quiet revolution in the last 25 years by adapting to lasers, computer-adapting techniques and automatic polishing machines, the process to conjure a polished gem from a rough diamond emits harmful pollutants, some of which like Ultrafine Carbon Particles can be very severe on our health because they tend to linger in our system for a longer period.

The small size of Ultrafine Carbon Particles, which are roughly 30 times smaller than the diameter of human hair, allows them to enter the blood-air barrier, translocate from the lung into the bloodstream and cause adverse health effects, according to the European Respiratory Journal.

Compared to larger particles on a mass basis, Ultrafine Carbon Particles remain longer in the lungs, inducing cough, worsening asthma, altering heart rate and inflammation of lung tissues.

Exposure to ultrafine particles can be cancerous -- evidenced from animal tests on rats. However, more studies need to be conducted for confirmation. 

Atlanta Healthcare's Bespoke Air-Purification Solutions in a Surat Based Factory

Coming back to the diamond-processing plant in Surat and its need to lower indoor air pollution, our engineers surveyed the place and designed a air-purification solution in 72 hours’ time. 

It basically entailed a combination of medical-grade HEPA or ULPA filters and ESP technology to capture particulate carbon. The air quality improved immediately. 

These fine particles were otherwise being inhaled by the employees working at the factory.

Introducing Atlanta Healthcare.

Founded in 2010, we are proud to say that Atlanta Healthcare has become one of India’s leading air-purification solution providers. 

Our cutting-edge iCluster Technology uses a combination of highest-quality, medical-grade HEPA-13 filters, Activated Carbon, Ioniser, Electrostatic Precipitator, among others, to provide relief from contaminated air in totality. 

Our ability to develop customized solutions at affordable prices has allowed us to scale our operations and expertise across different industry sectors in India. 

Please feel free to check our client list. We have worked with leading companies in India, including BMW, Rafale, DS Group (Rajnigandha), Philips and UB Group. 

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