Koretron® Kitchen Chimney – No Ducting & No Civil Work Required

Koretron® is the Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Are you tired of dealing with a smoky and smelly kitchen every time you cook? Looking for the best solution to keep your kitchen fresh and clean? Well, look no further because we have just the thing for you - the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney by Atlanta Healthcare.

This revolutionary kitchen chimney is not only unique but also hailed as the best in India. With its innovative features and hassle-free installation, it will transform your cooking experience like never before. Say goodbye to ducting, civil work, and high maintenance! Let's dive into what makes this chimney stand out from the rest.

Key Features

  • No ducting required
  • No civil work required
  • No modifications required
  • Easy installation
  • Least maintenance
  • Effectively filters SOX, NOX, PM 2.5, VOCs, and other harmful gases
  • Effectively absorbs smoke & smell
  • Prevents spread of smoke & smell to other rooms


This is the first kitchen chimney in India that requires no modifications, no civil work & and no ducting, which means you just have to plug & play to enjoy the clean smoke-free & smell-free air indoors while cooking.


How do traditional residential kitchen chimneys work?

Residential kitchen chimneys, an essential feature in modern homes, play a vital role in maintaining air quality and ensuring a pleasant cooking experience.

These ingenious structures operate on the principle of ventilation and extraction, effectively removing smoke, odours & heat from the kitchen space.

Equipped with powerful motors or fans located within their ductwork system, these chimneys draw in contaminated air as soon as it is produced during cooking activities. The filters fitted inside the chimney then capture grease particles and other impurities suspended in the airflow before allowing clean air to escape through an exhaust vent positioned outside the home.

This filtration process prevents oil residue from settling on kitchen surfaces while also reducing health risks associated with inhaling harmful fumes released by burning gas or solid fuels.

By efficiently expelling unwanted elements from our kitchens, residential chimneys create an environment that promotes comfort while keeping our homes fresh and free of lingering cooking smells.

While residential kitchen chimneys have many benefits, there are also a few drawbacks.


Drawbacks of traditional residential kitchen chimneys

  • Some kitchen chimneys produce noise
  • Installation is complex & needs modification in structure (civil work is required ) to add a ducting system
  • Overall installation takes a considerable amount of space
  • Maintenance is complex & expensive
  • Energy consumption
  • No air purification
  • Do not filter SOX, NOX, PM 2.5, VOCs, and other harmful gases


When it comes to residential kitchen chimneys, there are a few drawbacks that homeowners should be aware of to make an informed decision. One significant drawback is the installation process, which can be quite complex and expensive.

It often requires professional assistance due to the need for proper ventilation and ductwork connections. Additionally, kitchen chimneys tend to take up a considerable amount of space in the kitchen area, limiting design possibilities and potentially affecting overall aesthetics.

Another drawback is the regular maintenance required for these appliances. Filters need frequent cleaning or replacement to ensure optimal performance and prevent any accumulation of grease or residue that could cause fire hazards.

Furthermore, despite their effectiveness in removing smoke and odours from cooking activities, some kitchen chimneys may produce noise while operating at higher speeds, which could disrupt peaceful meal times or conversations in open-concept living spaces.

So while residential kitchen chimneys offer numerous benefits such as improved air quality and reduction of oil splatter on surfaces, it's important for homeowners to carefully consider these drawbacks before making a final choice regarding their kitchen appliance selection.


How Koretron® Kitchen Chimney by Atlanta Healthcare is unique & best kitchen chimney in India?


No ducting is required

Gone are the days when installing a kitchen chimney required cumbersome ducting systems. With the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney, you can bid farewell to those complex installations and say hello to simplicity. Unlike other residential kitchen chimneys, this innovative appliance eliminates the need for ducting altogether.

How does it work?

Well, the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney utilizes advanced filtration technology that effectively cleanses your kitchen of smoke, odours, and harmful gases without requiring any external ventilation.

This means no more drilling holes in your walls or rearranging your kitchen layout just to accommodate a bulky duct.

The absence of ducting not only makes installation easier but also saves you time and money on additional construction work.

Simply hang the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney on your ceiling like a fan, plug it in, and voila! You're ready to enjoy cleaner air while cooking up a storm in your kitchen.

Not only is this chimney convenient to install, but it also boasts exceptional performance when it comes to filtering out pollutants.

It effectively removes SOX (sulfur oxides), NOX (nitrogen oxides), PM 2.5 particles, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and various other harmful gases from your cooking area.

So why settle for traditional chimney setups that require extensive modifications when you can have the hassle-free installation experience offered by the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney?

Upgrade your kitchen with this unique appliance that brings together convenience and efficiency without compromising on performance or style.


You do not need any civil work to install the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney

When it comes to installing a kitchen chimney in your home, the thought of extensive civil work can often be daunting. But with Koretron®  Kitchen Chimney by Atlanta Healthcare, you can say goodbye to all those worries!

As mentioned above, one of the standout features of this innovative appliance is that no civil work is required for its installation.

This hassle-free installation process makes Koretron Kitchen Chimney an ideal choice for homeowners who want convenience without compromising on performance. You don't have to worry about making structural changes or damaging your walls during the setup.

With no civil work needed, you can enjoy clean and smoke-free air in your kitchen effortlessly. The ease of installation also means that if you ever decide to move or renovate, you can easily uninstall and reinstall it elsewhere without any hassle.

In addition to being user-friendly during installation, Koretron®  Kitchen Chimney also requires minimal maintenance. The filters are easy to access and replace when needed. This ensures optimal performance over time without much effort on your part.

So why go through the trouble of civil work when you can have a high-performing kitchen chimney like Koretron®?

Enjoy cleaner air in your cooking space without worrying about complicated installations or maintenance requirements!


Easy installation

Are you tired of the hassle that comes with installing a kitchen chimney? Look no further, because Koretron® Kitchen Chimney by Atlanta Healthcare is here to make your life easier. One of the standout features of this incredible appliance is its effortless installation process.

Unlike other residential kitchen chimneys, there is no need for any ducting when it comes to Koretron® Kitchen Chimney. This means you can say goodbye to messy and time-consuming civil work. Simply hang it like a fan on the ceiling and plug it in – it's as easy as that!

With its user-friendly installation process, Koretron® Kitchen Chimney saves you both time and effort. So why waste precious hours struggling with complex setups when you could have an efficient solution at your fingertips?

Experience the ease and convenience firsthand by choosing Koretron® Kitchen Chimney today!


Least maintenance & easy to change filters

When it comes to kitchen chimneys, one of the biggest concerns for homeowners is maintenance. Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning and changing filters on a regular basis. That's where the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney by Atlanta Healthcare stands out from the rest.

With its innovative design and advanced technology, this chimney requires very little maintenance. The filters are easy to access and can be changed effortlessly.

No more struggling to remove stubborn grease or dealing with complicated filter replacements.

Not only does it save you time and effort, but it also ensures that your kitchen remains clean and odour-free at all times.

The high-grade filters effectively trap smoke, odours, and harmful gases like SOX, NOX, PM 2.5, and VOCs, ensuring that your cooking environment is healthy and safe.

Now you can enjoy hassle-free cooking without worrying about the aftermath. The Koretron® Kitchen Chimney takes care of everything for you so that you can focus on what matters most – creating delicious meals for your loved ones.

Say goodbye to tedious maintenance routines and hello to a cleaner, healthier kitchen with the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney by Atlanta Healthcare!


Effectively filters SOX, NOX, PM 2.5, VOCs, and other harmful gases

When it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy kitchen environment, the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney by Atlanta Healthcare truly stands out from the rest.

One of its remarkable features is its ability to effectively filter out harmful gases such as SOX, NOX, PM 2.5, VOCs, and other pollutants that can pose serious health risks.

With pollution levels on the rise in India, it has become crucial to invest in appliances that can protect our homes and loved ones.

The Koretron® Kitchen Chimney does just that with its advanced filtration system. It goes beyond merely removing smoke and odours; it actively targets these harmful pollutants present in cooking fumes.

Thanks to its high-grade filters, this chimney efficiently captures even the tiniest particles of dust and allergens present in the air. This not only helps keep your kitchen free from irritants but also ensures cleaner air for everyone inside your home.

By choosing the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney, you are taking a proactive step towards creating a healthier living space for yourself and your family. Say goodbye to respiratory issues caused by indoor air pollution!

With this innovative appliance at work in your kitchen, you can breathe easier knowing that harmful gases are being effectively filtered out.

Upgrade your kitchen today with the best kitchen chimney in India - the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney by Atlanta Healthcare!


Effectively absorbs smoke & smell due to high-grade active carbon filter

One of the standout features that sets the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney by Atlanta Healthcare apart from other kitchen chimneys in India is its ability to effectively absorb smoke and smell.

This is made possible by its high-grade active carbon filter, which is designed to trap and eliminate harmful particles and odours.

The use of an active carbon filter ensures that even the strongest cooking smells are removed, leaving your kitchen fresh and odour-free.

Whether you're frying, grilling, or preparing spicy dishes, this chimney will ensure that none of those lingering smells find their way into other rooms of your home.

Not only does it remove odours, but it also tackles smoke with ease. The powerful suction capabilities of the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney allow it to quickly pull in all the smoke generated during cooking.

This means no more hazy kitchens or smoky air hanging around after meal preparation.

With its high-quality carbon filter working tirelessly to absorb both smoke and smell, you can enjoy a cleaner and healthier culinary experience every day.

Say goodbye to unpleasant odours and hello to fresh air in your kitchen with this exceptional kitchen chimney.


Prevents spread of smoke & smell to other rooms

In addition to all its unique features, the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney by Atlanta Healthcare also prevents the spread of smoke and smell to other rooms.

This is especially important for those who have an open kitchen layout or a small living space where odours can easily travel and linger.

By effectively filtering out smoke particles and absorbing unpleasant smells with its high-grade active carbon filter, this kitchen chimney ensures that your cooking aromas stay confined to the kitchen area only. No more worrying about your entire house smelling like fried food or strong spices!

With the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney, you can enjoy a clean and fresh environment in your home while cooking up delicious meals. Its powerful suction capacity and advanced filtration technology make it the best choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient kitchen chimney in India.

Say goodbye to lingering odours, smoky kitchens, and unwanted gases with the Koretron® Kitchen Chimney by Atlanta Healthcare. Experience unparalleled performance, easy installation, low maintenance requirements, and effective air purification – all packed into one exceptional appliance.

Upgrade your cooking experience today with the best kitchen chimney in India – Koretron® by Atlanta Healthcare!

Koretron® Kitchen Chimney – No Ducting & No Civil Work Required

Koretron® Kitchen Chimney – No Ducting & No Civil Work Required
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