Posted - 25 December 18

Why We Need to Measure the Polluted Air We Breathe Every Day?

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Why We Need to Measure the Polluted Air We Breathe Every Day?

Measuring the air we breathe every day through the quality monitor will tell you about the volume of contaminants, bacteria, fungi and pathogens. You can also get to know the volume of volatile chemicals, odors, and other infection-causing elements. The device can categorize them into micro and macro size elements. The analysis will let you decide on the corrective and preventive measures to be taken for protecting the home hygiene and family health conditions. Home air purifier gives you the best solution.

Dust and Macro Particulates

Dust and macro-size particulates cause nose and ear blockage. They cause eye irritation, watering, burning sensation and infections. Many times you may use fans or air conditioners to get rid of the problems. But these only worsen the condition since they don’t remove any of the particulates. Measuring the particulate concentration can help you take proper measures for their removal.

Measuring polluted air also lets you determine the probable sources of particulates. For example, you may find your living room window is exposed to external traffic or dust which is polluting the air in there. Then you can take measures to install window and door dust filters.

If you find the source to be vehicular pollution, it is possible to install pollution and allergen screens on your home windows and doors. But the ultimate cleaning happens only through home air purifier.

Microbes and Pathogens

Microbes and pathogens are beyond the scope of ordinary filters. They can pass through them without getting detected. They can enter your home interiors and cause diseases and infections. Detection of these disorders may take time unless the symptoms of a cough and pain show up in the earlier stages.

Detection of diseases in the advanced and critical stages makes treatments complex and time-consuming. It is not possible for you to protect your family members unless you are aware of the rising pollutants level in your home. Hence, it is mandatory for you to measure the polluted air you breathe every day.

Earlier detection before the onslaught of diseases can help you in the installation of quality measures to prevent pollution. The system will also be able to filter and clean the air apart from disinfection.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

VOCs are the chemicals which are dissolved in air. They can go undetected by the most advanced filters. Hence, they can enter your home and cause havoc to your lungs, heart, central nervous system, heart and the other internal organs including the brain.

It has been observed from research works that mental illness in babies and kids arise from the polluted air at home. It is a concern which you need to consider seriously and to avoid critical and chronic impacts on brain development.

VOC cause Central Nervous System (CNS) weakening, disorder and diseases. Long-term exposure to such disorders can result in partial or complete paralysis of nerves. The infected person may need expensive and long-term, treatments. Even then you may not be sure of getting the best results of healing effects.

VOC also causes cancer in the lungs, heart, cardiovascular systems, liver, and other internal organs. Earlier detection of these diseases could be difficult since they remain dormant until the second stage conditions. It could be too late to prevent any sizeable damages to an individual health when the detection happens late.

Measuring the volume of polluted air within your home can help in taking appropriate measures reduction or elimination of such risks. Installing home air purifier can solve the problems.

Odors and Allergens

Bad and sickening odor causes nausea, vomiting, dehydration, and depression among all age groups in your family. Regular exposure can result in allergies and irritations. The mental impact is in the form of restlessness, irritation and stress. The individuals may not be able to perform their regular activities also in a normal way.

Mental imbalance can eventually lead to clashes in the family and psychological imbalance. Sometimes the odor may be high and easy to detect. In other cases, it could be mild and consistent. In such cases, your mind gets used to such conditions, but your brain and body don’t. Then you are causing the disease and disorder symptoms to grow without actually being aware of them.

Smoke and Fog

Combination of dense smoke and fog can eventually block the breathing organs in your body. They can also cause heart problems and muscle cramps with time. The level of oxygenated air will decrease consistently. The concentration of carbon and other impurities increases continuously, probability of carbon monoxide poisoning within your home premises may increase drastically.

The paradox is that you will not be able to detect them without the help of a high-quality device. You can use it for detection, diagnosis and corrective measures evaluation. air purifier provides the complete solution to all types of health and hygienic problems.

Ultimate Solution

Air quality monitors and air purifiers provide you with the most advanced and reliable solutions to the pollution problems you face every day. You can change the frequency and speed of the home air purifier motor to match with the exterior and interior air quality in your home.