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23 Tips for protecting yourself from air pollution in India

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Since 2016, air pollution has become a concerning subject for many and especially for people staying in Delhi/NCR region. While the government is trying to implement policies and bring changes to reduce air pollution, you must look after your own health for protecting yourself from air pollution in India.

Who are getting affected from air pollution in India?

While everyone gets affected from air pollution, the critical segment includes pregnant women, babies in womb, children and asthmatic patients.


The fine particles from car exhaust and power plants enter into the lungs while breathing and scientists have found the evidence of the effects of pollution on the placentas of pregnant women. It increases the risk of premature births and pregnant women may suffer from intrauterine inflammation. This condition increases the risk of health problems for the child from the fetal stage. The air that a pregnant woman breathes has an impact on the long term health of her baby. The premature babies can have developmental problems and it is linked to asthma and autism.


The exposure to air pollutants can affect the lungs and respiratory system of the still-growing baby of the mother. It also harms the brain development of the child. The by-products of burning home heating oil and car exhausts affect the verbal IQ of the child. A study showed that babies in the womb that are exposed to higher level of air pollution are born with less weight and a reduced head circumference. The foetus receives oxygen from the mother and if she is breathing polluted air, it affects the development of the baby in her womb.


Children are more vulnerable to air pollution than adults. They breathe in more air per kilogram of their body weight as compared to adults. The pollutants harm their internal organs as the lungs of the children are not fully developed. The respiratory systems of children consume more toxins and pollutants. Exposure to ambient air pollutants affects the immune system of children.


The elderly people have been alive longer and they have consumed more air pollution than the younger ones. They are prone to chronic and fatal infection due to pollution and they are more likely to develop respiratory problems. Another reason is weaker immune systems due to which the elderly people are more likely to get affected due to pollution as compared to the younger people. The body gets physically weaker with the age and thus the other systems get weaker in the body.


The number of people being diagnosed with asthma is increasing every year. Air pollution plays an immense role in triggering asthma in asthmatics. The asthmatic children who are exposed to higher levels of air pollution are diagnosed with symptoms of bronchitis. The airways of an asthmatic are hypersensitive and the pollutants in the air cause inflammation or it can lead to an attack in an asthmatic. Air pollution can reduce the lung function and cause more asthma attacks.

What can you do for protecting yourself from air pollution in India?


air pollution in India

Aggressive driving produces more emissions so avoid rash driving or speeding up. Combine your trips by carpooling or car sharing or by using public transport. Avoid using vehicles while going to walkable distances. Consider buying the most efficient and least polluting vehicle. Replace the air filters regularly in order to reduce the air pollution from your vehicle. Taking action at your own end is the first step to protecting yourself from air pollution.


protecting yourself from air pollution in India

Select the cleanest and greenest products for your household which do not contain harmful chemicals. Select no-VOC or low-VOC paints and glues for your house and use a brush to paint instead of sprays. Essential oils, herbs and flowers can replace the chemical filled air fresheners to make your house smell nice. Opt for green cleaning products or natural cleaning products which do not contain any harmful substance.


While buying items from outside, select the items with the least packaging. The products with minimal and reusable packaging will help in recycling and reducing pollution in the environment.


Keep the door and windows of your house closed so that the rapidity of penetration of smoke is reduced. If the area around your house is smoke free then open the doors and windows. This will help in improving the indoor air quality of your house. You can also opt for window mesh screens which will act as a filter against dust particles.


protect yourself from air pollution in India

It is usually suggested to workout outside but in case of extreme air pollution you must avoid exercising outdoors. While working out, the breathing gets heavier and more particles enter into the body through the airways. If the pollution level is extreme, it is better to stay at home or work out in a gym.


Avoid smoking and encourage others to quit smoking as the smoke pollutes the air around you terribly and this is a MUST HAVE for protecting yourself from air pollution. Burning candles and smoking should be minimized as they contribute to the air pollution to a great extent. Trash and wood burning are also major source of air pollution.


It is important to save energy at home, work or while travelling as it reduces the air polluting particles and the carbon emissions. Do not forget to switch off the lights and electrical appliances when not in use and while buying electrical appliances select Energy Star products in order to save energy. While saving energy, you are also helping the power plants like Badarpur plant consume less coal, which is one of the prime sources of air pollution.


Buy items that are made up of recycled materials instead of buying fresh products. This will help in reducing the need of new raw materials to produce items. When you are shopping for household products, always select the products which are made from recycled materials or the products which contain the recycle logo.


The plastics bags are harmful to the environment. They are made of oil products and take almost forever to decompose. The plastic bags pollute the environment to a greater extent. Plastic bags should be replaced with paper bags in order to reduce pollution. Also, when plastic bags are burnt along with other waste products, they emit harmful gases in high concentration that can damage the quality of air and also lead to aggravation of asthma symptoms.


Paper bags are harmless to the environment and they are recycled in the first place. Paper bags can be reused and they work for almost everything.


The railway steam engine produces air pollutants and thus the use of steam engines needs to be stopped. Burning of coal releases poisonous gas to the air and polluted the environment. Electric engines do not produce such harmful gases and should be used instead of steam engines.


It is very important to burn the right wood in right way to avoid generation of unnecessary air pollutants. Your fireplace or wood burning stove should be well maintained and old wood stoves should be replaced with new and efficient models.


Solar power is renewable and it can help you to save a huge amount of energy. Using solar power instead of regular power can also help in saving a lot of money in the long run.


Try to complete your tasks in one single trip so that you need not use your vehicle for multiple trips. This way, you will consume less amount of gas and emissions will be reduced.


AC consumes a lot of power as compared to fan. If it is too hot outside, turn on your fan instead of AC in order to save power and energy. This contributes in controlling the air pollution in the environment by reducing the amount of coal usage in power plants to generate electricity.


Try to recycle as many products as you can so that these products can be used again to make other products. This will reduce the need of new raw materials and it won’t add to the existing problem by adding up more new products.


Use both sides of a paper while writing and try to use technology more often while writing a letter or taking notes. This will reduce the cutting down of trees and help in improving the air quality.


Contact your state or local government and find out the initiatives taken by them to control air pollution. Look for opportunities where you can help in order to clean up the environment.


Tulsi (basil) absorbs pollution from the air and drinking Tulsi juice helps in cleaning the pollutants from the respiratory tract. Neem leaves help in clearing the pollutants from the skin and purifies blood and lymphatic tissue. Ayurvedic Herb smoke is a method of reducing dampness in the house which leads to allergic cold and breathlessness.


Planting trees is the best way to prevent air pollution and purify the air. you can cultivate plants in your house and create a small garden. This will help in purifying the air around you and reduce the amount of pollutants.

Indoor Plants that can prevent your exposure from air pollution:-
• Spider plant- this plant helps in removing harmful chemicals from the environment such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.
• Golden Pothos- it purifies the air by removing chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.
• Gerbera Daisy- this is a popular houseplant with attractive appearance. It releases more oxygen as compared to other houseplants and removes trichloroethylene and benzene from air.
• Peace Lily- they are easy to care for and very flexible. Peace lilies reduce toxins such as ammonia, acetone, benzene and xylene.
• Bamboo palm- it is another purifying plant with insect repelling quality. It can remove substances like chloroform, benzene, xylene and carbon monoxide.


Air purifiers removes the harmful particles from indoor air and provides you a healthier environment. It helps in cleaning the particle pollutants such as dust and bacteria as well as heavy gaseous pollutants such as smoke and VOCs.


Anti pollution masks are a low cost method for protecting yourself from air pollution. N99 masks filter out PM 2.5 particles with an efficiency of 99%. It filters the air you breathe in and reduces the intake of harmful pollutants present in the air.


Air quality monitors keep a watch for the indoor and outdoor quality of air. They help in protecting you against air pollution by keeping you informed about quality of air you breathe.

We hope that you follow most of the tips to live a healthy life and breathe pure air by protecting yourself from air pollution. If you think we have missed out on any tip then feel free to comment down below or send us your suggestions on facebook and twitter.

Breathe Pure, Stay Healthy!