Posted - 20 October 18

How to Protect your kids from Indoor Air Pollution During the Winter season

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How to Protect your kids from Indoor Air Pollution During the Winter season

As soon as the winter season starts, people are likely to spend more time in indoors, due to cold waves. During the winter  season, staying indoor keeps us warm, comfortable and protect from the cold weather outside. We  used to close our windows and doors to protect us from cold waves.  But keeping close all the windows and doors, circulate the same air which is present inside our house. We do not get fresh air from out.  And the air inside our indoors become more dangerous due to mixture of fine particles, dust, gases, VOCS etc. And the result comes out with the allergic symptoms.  We start breathing polluted air in side our home which affects our lungs in the long span of time. The symptoms like cold and cough, blowing nose, watery eyes, rashes in the skin and breathing problem starts.


We  stay indoors, wear warm clothes, and still face problems affecting our health due to indoor air pollution. Probably,  the air we are breathing in side our home and affects kids and elders from the harmful pollutants. Make sure all your family members especially, the kids inhaling a safe level of air at our home in side.


Using portable Room Air Purifiers could be  a great initiative to fight against dust, allergens, harmful gases, bacteria, virus, pollen, pet dander, fungus, molds, redon,and particulate matter. An air purifier purifies the air inside and  benefits us breathing pure and fresh air.


To protect us from with the invisible indoor pollutants/ allergens , we should try to acquire the following methods:


Proper Air Circulation and Ventilation at Your Home


Air circulation and ventilation are required to remove the expired air composed of heat, dust, allergens and odour. Exchanging the poor air particles with the new and fresh one, these methods keep us safe from bacterias and viruses. It may seem like a challenge during the winter season, but we should make sure to keep our indoor ventilated for sometimes. One must use ventilation in spaces like bathrooms otherwise mold can grow and could be a symptoms related to asthma and allergy. Besides, we should keep the ceiling fans or exhaust fans running for sometime in a day for better air circulation in an indoor space.


Maintain an Anti-chemical Environment


Products with chemical ingredients for cleaning purpose, which we use in indoor spaces affect the air quality badly. Be it a soap, detergents, cleaning supplies, or beauty products, people are surrounded by these cleaning agents which is also harmful for us. Lack of ventilation and fresh air in the indoors  during the winter season promotes the chemical concentration to a severe level in the air. As a result, we start facing health-related issues like headaches, cold and cough, nasal congestion, watery eyes ,allergy or asthma symptoms. It is advised to use natural ingredients instead of chemicals-laden products and artificial fragrances to get rid of harmful chemicals used in cleaning agents.


Get the quality of air tested at your home.


Room air purifiers offer an effective and tested way of removing/ filtering polluted particles from the air in our house.  People must use an indoor portable air purifier if there are any one of the allergic symptoms in their family. If we are planning to purchase an air purifier. We should select an air purifier with good quality HEPA filter depending on its grade to eradicate all the harmful particles from an enclosed space. Note that, only buying an air purifier cannot offer us fresh and pure air to inhale. Though a good air purifier with Hepa technology and multistage filtration to kill bacterias and similar air pollutants could be a smart choice.  During the winter season, make sure to get your house’s air tested by professionals. Why make your kids suffer from toxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound)? Along with using air purifiers, conduct air test at the home and acquire complete peace of mind.


Our home is a place where we spend a significant part of everyday life with our family and kids. A clean and healthy environment at home is a right for all of us. Make sure to adopt these habits throughout the year and let us keep our kids diseases-free with a good quality of air inside our home.