Posted - 7 October 18

How to Choose A Car Air Purifier and How Does it Work?

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How to Choose A Car Air Purifier and How Does it Work?

Increased level of air pollution has made our lives difficult. Sadly, we are trapped in an environment with extremely poor air quality. Especially, if you are in a car, you become more vulnerable to air pollutants. While you travel in cars, you take along your kids and pets. Thus, it is important to keep them safe and the best way to do the same is by using a car air purifier.

Before understanding the capabilities of car air purifier, let’s look at some important actions which can help you breathe in fresh and clean air.

Actions to Clean the Air

Cleaning of air requires three major actions to be performed. Whether you are at home, workplace, or in a car, follow some critical steps to get clean air.

  • Control the Source

Try to eliminate the source of air pollution from the polluted area. Usually, bacteria, dust, mold, and pollen pollute the air. Apart from these, car space gets heavily polluted with odors, smoke, car fumes, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and pet dander.

  • Ventilation

Let the air inside the car exchange with the outside air. Roll down the car windows depending upon the weather conditions.

  • Clean the Air

An optimal solution out of all these actions is cleaning the air using air filters.


Technologies Involved in Car Air Purifiers

You must have seen room air purifiers that offer filtered and fresh air in an enclosed space. Car air purifiers are similar to room air purifiers but come in a smaller size. With a limited power supply, it’s more of a personal air purifier. So, what makes them special? It’s the advanced features and high-level technologies that make it a smart choice for cars. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand their functionalities.  


A negative ionizer in a car air purifier emits negative ions in the air. Reason being, an ionizer produces millions of fresh ions which are clean and healthy for your mind and body.

HEPA Filter

Acronym for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, HEPA is a significant part of an air purifier. Trusted brands like Atlanta Healthcare use this technology to eradicate harmful airborne particles. HEPA filters take the polluted air and filter out the fresh and breathable air by removing fine particles like dust, smoke, and pollen. It might be small in size but it is the most powerful part of an air purifier. Also, this technology removes asthma triggering particles including dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and others from your car space.

Activated Carbon Filter

What’s different with a car is, it releases gases and fumes in the air which are difficult to collect. Activated carbon filter technology removes these gases and smoke particles present in a car. The filter works on the principle of adsorption in which activated carbon bonds with gas elements. After the bonding, polluted air gets filtered and all you receive is the pure air.

Air Freshener

Though an additional part, it is one of the best parts of a car air purifier. Note that, it does not remove the odor from the car but masks it so you can breathe in a pleasant fragrance. However, the only problem is you cannot change the air you are breathing and are exposed to the same kind of germs and pollutants.   

A serious issue like car air pollution needs to be resolved to inhale fresh air. The smart technical features mentioned above make car air purifiers work effectively. Now keep this healthy companion in your car to experience and enjoy every road trip in good health.