Posted - 23 October 18

Do Air Purifiers Eliminate Cigarette Smoke?

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Do Air Purifiers Eliminate Cigarette Smoke?

Cigarette smoke is not only harmful to the smoker but also for others who are inhaling the same smoke in the indoor or outdoor air. India is very much going through the polluted air crisis and off course, it is trying hard to get over it. Vehicles and crop burning are amongst major factors for polluted air that cannot be eliminated readily. Smoking cigarette is very much harmful for the surrounding people also, specially in indoors.  Note that, as much as smoking affects the health of a person who smokes but also others come in danger by inhaling the smoke known as second-hand smoke (SHS). According to a report published in Delhi’s newspaper that 52.3% adults get exposed to SHS indoors and 29% in the public area. This is very much dangerous inhaling second hand smoke and long term effect is very much alarming. But using a good and effective air purifier in Delhi could be a smart decision to get rid of these second hand cigarette smokes in indoors.


Cigarette Smoke Risks on Health

It is not only the cigarette smoker who is in risk, but this smoke also affects the health of his family members when they regularly inhale. People are on high risk, having health issues like compromised immune systems, allergy and asthma. Kids and elders are the most vulnerable if someone smokes in indoors. Many research show that SHS is hazardous on the health of people and long term effect could be alarming and on high risk.


Indoor area like residence or office can be up to 10 times more polluted than the air outside as per WHO report. If any of a family member smokes indoors, is risking the health of the family members. If not taken proper action,the result could be alarming. Smoking cigars and cigarettes will yield to long-term health problems to individuals. Especially, people who already are suffering from asthma or allergy may experience health issues like sinus, allergy or any other respiratory diseases. Cigarette smoke contains contaminated harmful particles and unpleasant odour. People inhaling this kind of smokes are in danger.


Smoking should be banned strictly especially for outdoors. For indoors using a good and effective air purifiers could be the best solution . Air purifiers are beneficial for removing harmful smoke , particulate matter, odours, or chemicals from the indoor space.


How Air Purifiers are Effective

If you are living in cities like Delhi that has a comparatively high level of polluted air, than using an air purifier in Delhi is the best and smartest decision  This removes the smoke particles from the indoor air with a great impact. Atlanta Healthcare’s Air Purifiers are found very much effective removing harmful harmful air pollutants in indoor space. You wouldn’t regret the decision purchasing Atlanta Healthcare’s Air Purifiers. What makes Atlanta a better brand offering cleaner air over others? Well, there are many other air purifiers available in the market, but Atlanta healthcare’s Air Purifiers are equipped with I cluster technology with multi stages filtration such as Hepa filter H 13 grade, Pre Filter ( washable), Anti Bacterial Filter, Activated carbon filter, photo catalyst filter, U V Tube and Ionizer. All the  models of Atlanta Healthcare makes sure that users are getting cleaner and fresh air free from smoke or any kind of dust particles.


Using air purifiers especially in polluted cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Raipur is  smart decision eliminating harmful gases and cigarette smoke particles. The high grade activated carbon filters absorb smoke and odor.  HEPA filter strive to remove 99.97% pollutants from the air successfully. Similarly, ionizer used in the air purifiers offer negative ions found near natural places like waterfalls and forests so that you only inhale the purest form of air rather than the smoke or bad odour particles.


Atlanta Healthcare’s air  purifiers are best option for  eliminating extremely harmful particles like smoke, bacteria, virus, fungus, PM 2.5, polen, pet dander, VOCs, harmful gases etc from indoor air. Embracing quality air purifiers will keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe from smoke or any other pollutant  present in the indoor air.