Posted - 25 December 18

Air Purifier for Home to Cure Infectious Disease and Odor Problems

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Air Purifier for Home to Cure Infectious Disease and Odor Problems

An air purifier for home can disinfect your home and enhance its hygienic conditions. Several experiments have been carried out for detecting the concentration of indoor bacteria and their effects on human health by the air purifier experts. The open-plate techniques have revealed the increase in hypersensitive nature of residents from exposure to microbes. The per-cubic concentrations of microbes were very high at homes without air purifier for homes compared to those who had them.

How Air Purifier Works

Bacteria, pollen, smoke, and mold are stated to be the key factors which cause infectious diseases. They can come from pet hair, external dust and dirt, smoke and other elements which get mixed with the interior air. They also decrease the oxygen content in the air and cause respiratory diseases.

An air purifier is designed to work in several stages of air cleaning, filtering, disinfection, and purification. HEPA and active carbon filters remove contaminants and bacteria apart from fungi.

The technology used in air disinfection is slightly different from cleaning and purification. The disinfection layer actively kills the microbes and absorbs them. It can detect up to 3-micron and lower size microbes with precision.

Multiple layers of the disinfection filter mean greater surface area. Some of the standard air purifiers have more than 4,500 square inches of net area. The system automatically adjusts its absorption capacity depending on the concentration level of microbes in the air.  

Stage-1 Disinfection

The first stage of disinfection is for removing the allergens. It removes all the mycotoxins from the air which consists of various types of fungi. Some of them spread from hidden mold behind furniture and fixture, ceilings and wall cracks. They can also come from carpets, beds, and other sources. By removing such microbes, an air filter makes the air safe for people with sensitive lungs and respiratory canals.

Preventive measures through the elimination of microbes causing asthma, lung allergy, chronic pulmonary diseases, bronchitis, and even lung cancer are the key benefits of air purifiers. They can prevent clogging of mucus glands and enable free air flow through the air canal and lungs.

Stage-2 Disinfection

The second stage of air filtering results in the elimination of toxic elements like smoke. It may come from external sources like vehicles, industries, etc, or internal sources like cigarettes, chimney leaks, etc. The absorption ratio can be as high as 99.99% in an efficiently designed air purifier for home. It is the best preventive measure for protection from asthma, pneumonia, and other respiratory diseases.

Stage-3 Disinfection

The third stage of disinfection results in the elimination of airborne pathogens which are less than 2 microns in size. Infectious elements also include aerosols and other harmful elements. The biggest risk with such pathogens is their survival rate. They can endure humidity, heat, cold, and other extreme conditions.

An efficient air purifier is designed after analyzing the various strains of the pathogen in different concentrations. The air purifier designers take extreme care to neutralize all types of pathogens as air passes through state-3 filters. The air purifiers could be ceiling mounted, wall mounted, wheeled, or table-top models. All of them use strong methods of disinfection to eliminate pathogens completely.

Stage-1 Purification and Odor Removal

After the removal of microbes and pathogens, the air purifier filters remove volatile chemicals. They are highly dissolved in air and tough to detect and filter. An efficient air purifier has the inbuilt layers of HEPA, active carbon, and ASTM grade fumes and odor removal.

The air coming out of these filters will be completely free from all forms of odor and infectious elements.

Stage-2 Fragrance and Hygiene Enhancement

High-quality air purifiers add natural grade air fragrances as the air passes out of the mesh. Freshened air is healthier for breathing to you and your family members. It can also help relax your mind through brain cell stimulation. A sense of pleasant feeling surrounds the air within the rooms of your home.

Stage-3 Immunity Enhancement

The third stage of disinfection is the removal of microbes from mold deposits in your home. Of course, the process of mold removal itself may need to be done manually. But the act of neutralizing its effects in the form of disinfection is managed by the air purifiers.

Apart from disinfection, air purifiers add elements of hygiene and immunity. It is highly beneficial for preventive care treatment. Hence, the probability of getting infected by mould and odor problems gets reduced by more than 99.99%.

How to Choose Your Air Purifier for Home

The recommended parameters for choosing your air purifier are speed, efficiency, and durability of the system. Speed is the volume of microbes-removal per minute. Analyze and choose the best from online shops.

Check for durability, maintenance and quality of air delivered by the system during its long-term working. Once you are satisfied by these parameters, you may select it and install in your home to solve the infectious disease and odor problems.